struan bread


I am endlessly fascinated with all of the different ways to make bread. There are so many opinions, methods, ingredients, and weird voodoo incantations (just kidding…not really) to make the perfect loaf, and I feel like I have so much further to go before I can even start to consider myself a bread expert. Bread can be tricky, and sometimes it has a  tantrum and decides it doesn’t want to be bread, but when it does cooperate I always fight the urge to sing a happy song at the top of my lungs and do a little dance around the kitchen. There’s something very satisfying about watching a blob of dough magically swell up and dome into a beautifully bronzed blob of bread.

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dan dan noodles


It feels like dan dan noodles are different wherever you go. One of my favourite takes (alas, this is not it) is from a restaurant in Vancouver that uses a peanutty sauce that causes us to continually argue about what the secret ingredient is. I’ve seen them saucy, dry, with lots of szechuan peppers, with no heat at all – it’s a dish that most chefs choose to do their own take on. This is mine.

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red wine velvet cake


I have this problem with dessert size.

See, despite my love for tiny things (mini muffins! macarons!), all of my favourite desserts are ones that are best made in big portions. Pies, cakes, time-intensive pastries that you might as well make a lot of… which is all well and good, except for the fact that 90% of the time I am only baking for my boyfriend and I, and while he is more than willing to reap the bounties of my kitchen escapades I sometimes wonder if my jeans will still be as forgiving the next morning.

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pumpkin waffles


I have a not-so-secret, deep-set, bordering-on-the-obsessive love for pumpkin. Yes, I know it’s unoriginal, and that half of the country is also obsessed with pumpkins (mostly the female half). But I don’t care. I love how pumpkin spices up so well to make it taste exactly like fall. I love how it keeps things moist and gives baked goods this nice warm orange colour. I love that it gives me something to look forwards to when the sun decides it’s done with us and it’ll see us next year (thanks, Pacific Northwest).

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beer onion soup


Hello world!

This is my first foray into food blogging!

Lately, I’ve been thinking about ways to organize my thoughts around food – as my boyfriend remarks, I seem to have endless lists of new things to make and yet I forget the favourites as soon as I make them. Hopefully this will help me get around that by writing down the things that are delicious and should be consumed over and over again.

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