whole wheat bread


I can’t believe it’s June already. Maybe it’s because after a small and glorious spurt of sunshine, we’ve been back to grey cloudy skies for the last few weeks, so all of my summer anticipation disappeared. My grand plans to BBQ the bejeezus out of everything had to grind to a halt, since if I can’t BBQ it in a tank top, I don’t want to BBQ it at all. (Kidding. I’ll settle for a t shirt).

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struan bread


I am endlessly fascinated with all of the different ways to make bread. There are so many opinions, methods, ingredients, and weird voodoo incantations (just kidding…not really) to make the perfect loaf, and I feel like I have so much further to go before I can even start to consider myself a bread expert. Bread can be tricky, and sometimes it has a  tantrum and decides it doesn’t want to be bread, but when it does cooperate I always fight the urge to sing a happy song at the top of my lungs and do a little dance around the kitchen. There’s something very satisfying about watching a blob of dough magically swell up and dome into a beautifully bronzed blob of bread.

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