avocado & orange salad


Life has been a whirlwind these last few months! I got engaged (wow I’m so excited about this I have to tell the Internet), we went on a few trips and have had several guests, and overall my house looks like a bomb went off in it and time is just flying by. I’ve been going out so much that it’s almost a relief to get back to doing some cooking at home. I made this salad a few months ago but I think it’s going to be a year round staple for us. Avocado is one of my favourite vegetables (fruits?) to eat – it’s so creamy and satisfying that I will buy them in bulk just so that I can justify their price to myself. I put it in everything I can and even things I shouldn’t, which often makes my fiance squint his eyes at me as if I’m crazy. Yes, I’m on that hipster avocado train; no, I don’t regret it one bit.

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sticky toffee date waffles


I’ve been working my way through Smitten Kitchen’s new cookbook, and one of the recipes that immediately caught my eye were these sticky toffee waffles. I love waffle recipes – they taste like a luxurious brunch but don’t require you to stand at the stove and stare at your pancakes as they bubble. I had a girlfriend over for breakfast and seized the opportunity to have an excuse to make these.

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dan dan noodles


It feels like dan dan noodles are different wherever you go. One of my favourite takes (alas, this is not it) is from a restaurant in Vancouver that uses a peanutty sauce that causes us to continually argue about what the secret ingredient is. I’ve seen them saucy, dry, with lots of szechuan peppers, with no heat at all – it’s a dish that most chefs choose to do their own take on. This is mine.

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pumpkin waffles


I have a not-so-secret, deep-set, bordering-on-the-obsessive love for pumpkin. Yes, I know it’s unoriginal, and that half of the country is also obsessed with pumpkins (mostly the female half). But I don’t care. I love how pumpkin spices up so well to make it taste exactly like fall. I love how it keeps things moist and gives baked goods this nice warm orange colour. I love that it gives me something to look forwards to when the sun decides it’s done with us and it’ll see us next year (thanks, Pacific Northwest).

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beer onion soup


Hello world!

This is my first foray into food blogging!

Lately, I’ve been thinking about ways to organize my thoughts around food – as my boyfriend remarks, I seem to have endless lists of new things to make and yet I forget the favourites as soon as I make them. Hopefully this will help me get around that by writing down the things that are delicious and should be consumed over and over again.

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