drunken noodles


The first time I attempted to make fresh rice noodles at home, I failed. Pretty miserably, actually. I looked at my giant clump of noodles, thought to myself, “They’ll separate in the wok, right?”. Spoiler alert: they didn’t. (I ate them anyways. Noodles and I don’t part ways lightly.)

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dan dan noodles


It feels like dan dan noodles are different wherever you go. One of my favourite takes (alas, this is not it) is from a restaurant in Vancouver that uses a peanutty sauce that causes us to continually argue about what the secret ingredient is. I’ve seen them saucy, dry, with lots of szechuan peppers, with no heat at all – it’s a dish that most chefs choose to do their own take on. This is mine.

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